Lionel Shriver

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Writers on the Record with Victoria Lautman

Lionel Shriver/ March 14, 2010 / So Much for That

American-born, London-based author Lionel Shriver (who changed her name at age fifteen from Margaret Ann) nearly gave up writing after her first seven novels barely sold. But she won the prestigious Orange Prize and international fame with her eighth novel, We Need to Talk About Kevin (about the mother of a teenaged mass-murderer) and followed it up with another best-seller, The Post-Birthday World. Unafraid to tackle emotional topics others might find unthinkable, Shriver is as witty as she is insightful, and she’s at her best in So Much For That. What happens when a marriage must endure catastrophic illness, and how much IS a human life worth anyway? Shriver’s timely, topical tale of two families and the effect of the American health care system on their lives and futures is both poignant, amusing, shocking, and all too true for too many people. In this rollicking interview, Lionel Shriver is as feisty as the characters she dreams up.Listen Now

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